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Board of Trustees

UU Santa Fe Board of Trustees 2016-2017

The Board of Trustees functions as the executive body of the congregation and is responsible for:

  1. Providing leadership in pursuit of the goals and objectives of the Congregation as stated in the Congregational Manual. Goals and objectives shall be established by the Congregation.
  2. Ensuring that adequate funds are secured to support the Congregation’s operating budget and capital investments.
  3. To manage and be informed regarding congregational funds and real and personal property.
  4. Calling meetings of the Congregation for purposes of reports to the congregation and congregational action on budgets and election of lay leaders..
  5. Approving and revising operating policies for the direction and guidance of officers, committees, and staff, in the conduct of congregational business.
  6. Establishing and maintaining a Congregational Manual of goals and objectives, policies, and organization, and making such manual available to the members.

Board Members

President: Jim Kraemer (interim) has been a member of UU Santa Fe for 13 years, since he and Sherry transferred their membership from First Unitarian Church of Dallas, Texas. Jim has served on the Board of Trustees for five years, as well as the Membership, Social Justice, and Technology Committees. He can easily be found at the back of Fogelson Hall filming services for our website, or photographing the life of our congregation. Jim recently retired from IBM where he became a Master Inventor. He last worked in the area of adaptive technologies for persons with disabilities. Jim considers his life at UU Santa Fe at the core of his efforts to become better informed, improve the world around him, and engage in spiritual growth.  

Vice President: Rodman Morgan, (first term) has been a UU since 1982 and has been a member of UU congregations in Phoenix for 14 years and in Santa Fe 20 years. He has served on the UU Santa Fe board as Treasurer, and as Trustee at Large, as well as various committees such as COSM. Recently, he been involved with helping to establishing the Santa Fe Time Bank and the Coffee/Tea time at UU Santa Fe; and participating in the Odyssey Covenant group and Bridges/Care group. He likes to ski downhill and cross country, play tennis, bike, swim, ping pong, snorkel, hike, play chess and backgammon, go to symphony and opera, and dance tango. 

Vice President for Finance: George Weston, (first term) his wife Ruth and daughter Svetlana moved to Santa Fe in May of 2003 and immediately joined UU Santa Fe. George has a degree in electrical engineering and is a registered professional engineer (Indiana). His first career spanned 36 years in various management positions with a tri-state gas and electric holding company. The last 12 years he has worked for KSFR (volunteer and then employee) Santa Fe’s community supported public radio station. At UU Santa Fe he has served on the board for four years and various ad-hoc committees including the ministerial search committee. He can usually be found at the back of Fogelson pushing buttons and twisting knobs on the audio mixer. 

Secretary: Joan Farnum, (first term) graduated from Abilene Christian College (now University) with a major in English. She received a master’s degree from Arizona State University in secondary education and taught English and remedial reading in junior high for 13 years, seven of those years in Espanola. Joan worked for Los Alamos National Laboratory for 20 years – first in budget and personnel and then as a technical writer/editor, and for several years on the exhibits team at the Bradbury Science Museum. When her husband Gene spent two years on assignment with DARPA in D.C., she worked on the Veterans Affairs Committee in the House of Representatives. Joan and Gene retired in 2000 and moved to Santa Fe to be near children and grandchildren. She has joyfully served on the UUWF Steering Committee for many years. 

Trustees at Large 

Allen Turner, (first term) has been a member of UU Santa Fe since 2013 and has served as Worship Associate and chair-setter. A retired anthropologist/attorney, he now is a Research Associate at the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture. "As a retired thinker, my ambition is to be a seldom-sought, highly paid consultant. I have the first part under control." 

Katie Updike, (appointed) has been a member of UU Santa Fe for two years.  She has been an active volunteer, but is best known for being married to the “Cookie Monster,” Robert Wagner. She has been an in leadership capacities with several faith communities, but only recently discovered that her faith home is here.  Ms. Updike’s career has spanned four decades and three continents. She was a Managing Director with two money center banks. In 1990 Ms. Updike started her own firm, which later became known as Building Solutions LLC, providing real estate advisory, risk management, and strategy services primarily to non profits and municipalities, including services to homeless, affordable housing, and schools. Most recently she performed the feasibility study for a Public Bank in Santa Fe, and a Land Study strategy for the publicly owned regional water utility in El Paso. 

Munro Sickafoose, (appointed) has been a member of UU Santa Fe for 3 years. He received his Masters of Divinity Degree from Starr King School for the Ministry in 2013, and was ordained by UU Santa Fe in April of 2015. He has served as Board President and Board member for Prescott Area Leadership, a civic leadership development organization; as Board member and Executive Director for the Wilderness Guides Council, a nonprofit organization dedicated to wilderness rites of passage; and as a Board member of Radical Joy for Hard Times, a nonprofit organization dedicated to healing the human relationship with wounded places. He serves as a community minister in Santa Fe and surrounding areas.

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