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Consulting Director for Faith Development

EmilyCarroll 08.16

Our Consulting Director of Faith Development is Emily Carroll. 

Dear UU Congregation of Santa Fe,

What an honor and blessing to accept the sacred flame passed from the amazing Alice Springer! Kindness, respect, and fairness emanate from her and every RE classroom, so I hope to work with you all to carry on that warmth of love. I covenant with you to bring my full authentic self to UU Santa Fe’s ministry for all ages, including children, youth, families, young adults, and adults.  It is a sacred privilege and responsibility to be welcomed into your lives and into the lives of your children and youth.  I look forward to getting to know you and assisting you on the journey to greater compassion and love.

Each one of us is precious and has extraordinary gifts. It is my vision to celebrate and nurture each individual’s path, providing a spiritual home with an ethical framework that also acknowledges the mystery and wonder of life. With open minds and hearts, may we work to heal the world, explore ideas in life-affirming discussions, support each other’s growth, seek to discover truth, goodness and beauty, and learn to love ourselves, each other, our larger community, and the world.

And I am so inspired by your mission to nurture hearts and minds, practice beloved community, and work for justice! I am fully on board! Special thanks to Rev. Gail, the board of trustees, Sue, Della, Jill and all the wonderful faces who have welcomed me! 

In Faith, Service, & Gratitude,

Emily Carroll

Consulting Director of Faith Development


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