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Becoming a Member

We recognize the worth and dignity of every person and welcome all to our congregation without regard to race, class identity, cultural background or sexual orientation. Wherever you find yourself on the journey, we invite you to join us in nurturing the spirit and transforming our world.

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 How Can I Become a Member?

If you have been attending UU Santa Fe for a time as a guest you may want to consider becoming a member of the congregation. As a prospective member you are encouraged to take advantage of any or all of the Stepping Stones to Membership. 

  • Attend Services on a regular basis.
  • Meet with the Minister for a more in-depth exploration of your spiritual path, your wants and needs from a congregation and Unitarian Universalism.
  • Attend a newcomers event or a small group meeting held throughout the year. These events allow you to get to know others in the congregation and offer an opportunity to explore your spiritual journey. 
  • Sign the Book in the presence of the Minister or a Board of Trustees member.

Although becoming a member is the simple act of signing the Book, membership in the congregation is a statement of your desire to identify with UU values, abide by our covenant, and commit to the congregation’s social and financial health. Membership is not a step to be taken lightly! Although it is a simple process, it requires a pledge of Time, Talent and Treasure. Your “Time” is active attendance in weekly services. Be there and be a part of the congregation! Your “Talent” is often your creative abilities that allow you to serve where you most wish in sustaining the life of the congregation. The members are the lifeblood of the congregation! Your “Treasure” is that amount of money that you and your family can pledge that will not cause a hardship but is that which you can freely give. Unitarian Universalist congregations are independent and self-sustaining by their members. Through your pledge you become an Active Member with all privileges of membership including voting in congregational annual meetings. There are other categories for those who do not wish to become voting members.


How Can I Get Involved?

It is important to our congregation that both new and current members participate, as able, in the varied life of our congregation. The best way for new members to connect with other members has been through volunteering for various church activities. There is much to be done but it is important to find programs or activities which meet both your needs and that of the Congregation. As an example, the Greeter Program is one quite simple way for you to become involved by both meeting and greeting Congregants! Additionally, you will find that participating in programs and groups allows you the opportunity to continue development and redefinition of your own religious values. We are all, young and old alike, on the spiritual path together! Personal exploration of each individual’s spirituality is an important, valued goal throughout the various programs and activities. 

Attend Sunday Services

Sunday services feature music, meditation, and a sermon by our minister, Rev. Gail Marriner, or a guest speaker. Attending services frequently is an important part of becoming a full participant in the spiritual life of the congregation. This is the place and time the congregation expresses its collective faith, care and joy.

Share Your Time and Talents

The more involved people become in the life and activities of the congregation, the richer their experience. One way to become involved is to share your special interest and talents. You may print this Interest and Talents Form, fill it out and return it to the Administrator’s office. This information will be passed on to committee chairs and activity coordinators who will then contact you. 

Participate in Our Faith Development Programs

Unitarian Universalists believe that learning and faith development continue through the lifespan; at UU Santa Fe we offer continuing faith development opportunities for children, youth and adults.

Through Adult Explorations, many interactive programs on ethical, psychological and spiritual topics are regularly presented by congregational members, staff and guests. Classes are scheduled in the fall, winter and spring, and sign-up sheets are available in the foyer.

There are also small group ministry programs, led by a trained facilitator, that meet regularly and usually consist of no more than a dozen members. They are organized according to shared interests or activities and their primary purpose is to foster participants’ growth while also developing relationships among our members. 

Get Involved in Community Activities

An active Social Justice Team offers many opportunities to participate in the larger community. The group has a vital advocacy program on key social issues, supports shelter for the homeless, including The Interfaith Community Shelter, and has a very active environmental action group.

Be Informed

The UU Santa Fe Weekly is a weekly source of news sent to each member via email. Our website is updated regularly and becoming a registered member of the website will give you access to much more information, including our online directory. 

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