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Pledging to UU Santa Fe

Symbol GradientStewardship ~ An essential aspect of congregational life.

Generosity is a key spiritual practice in all major religions. Each member and friend of UU Santa Fe has an opportunity to experience the joy of generous hearts as we make a regular financial contribution that reflects our commitment to the congregation.

All members are expected and encouraged to support the work of the congregation with their time, talents, and treasure. There are many opportunities to share our time and talents. If you would like to get involved with the congergation please take some time to fill out this Interests & Talents form. Return the form to the office and you will soon be contacted.

Each Unitarian Universalist congregation is responsible for funding its own programs and day-to-day operations. While the national UUA (Unitarian Universalist Association) and regional MDD (Mountain Desert District) do provide essential services and information, we do not receive our operating funds from a central organization; in fact, we provide some funds each year to our area and national Unitarian Universalist organizations. So, at UU Santa Fe, we rely on our members and regularly participating friends to fund our operating budget by pledging each year.

UU Santa Fe Budget and Pledging

As part of UU Santa Fe's annual budget process, we conduct an annual pledge campaign, designed to provide predictable income to support ongoing programs such as Sunday services, faith develpoment and exploration programs for children, youth and adults, and other small group ministries. Expenses (salaries, utilities, maintenance, etc.) can thus be planned for. The annual budget is approved by the congregation each spring.

Please consider pledging to support the congregation so that we can manage our resources effectively. We ask that all members give according to their resources, financially as well as through contributions of time in various church activities. Even a small pledge is very welcome.

Members may pay their pledges on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis by cash, check or automatic bank draft. Checks may be placed in the collection plate or mailed to the Bookkeeper at P.O. Box 4637, Santa Fe, NM 87502-4637. Those who pledge will receive quarterly statements of their giving.

UU Santa Fe 2017-2018 Pledge form. (This form may be filled out and emailed to bookkeeper@uusantafe.org )

Special Offerings and Gifts

The first Sunday of each month we collect a special offering for a community social service organization that the congregation may wish to support. The organization is selected by the Social Justice Team. Also the change in the offering each Sunday goes to the Change for Change projects.

UU Santa Fe welcomes special gifts in support of our mission. Gifts may be given in honor or memorial of a person important to the life of UU Santa Fe. If you are interested in giving a special, designated gift, please contact Rev. Gail, Board President Jim Kraemer, or Vice President for Finance George Weston.

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