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The Permanent Endowment Fund

Unitarian Universalist of Santa Fe

 Permanent Endowment Fund

Giving For Our Future

The Permanent Endowment fund was established in 1991, and its purpose is to enhance the mission of UUSantaFe apart from the general operating fund of the congregation. No portion of the principal or income generated by the PEF should be used for the annual operation budget of the congregation.

We live in the light from the flame of the chalice today.
We invest to ensure the future of the flame tomorrow.

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How You Can Secure the Future of UU Santa Fe - Estate Planning
Create a legacy for the congregation by creating a bequest in your will:

If you have a will, you can add a bequest for the Congregation of UU Santa Fe.

If you don't have a will, attend an endowment workshop, or contact a committee member.

You may make an Unrestricted Bequest To UU Santa Fe—Used by the congregation for general purposes as determined by the board.

You may make a Restricted Bequest to the Permanent Endowment Fund—In this arrangement, your gift is invested as part of the overall endowment, and distributions are made annually according to the investment policies adopted by the Permanent Endowment Committee.

Or consider these options: life insurance gifts, real personal property, charitable remainder gifts or revocable trusts.

Once you formalize your will, please inform the Permanent Endowment Committee so that we may honor your bequest with a place in the Nancy and Webster Kitchell Legacy Society.

The Nancy and Webster Kitchell Legacy Society
Rev Dr. Webster Kitchell was Minister and Minister Emeritus of the UU Santa Fe from 1981 to 2009. He and his wife Nancy represent an abundant spirit of love for the congregation that is a model for all.

The Nancy and Webster Kitchell Legacy Society of Unitarian Universalist of Santa Fe, established in 2002, honors the generosity and vision of everyone who uses planned giving to support the future of this congregation. Enrollment in this honorary group is simply a matter of advising the Permanent Endowment Committee of the creation of a legacy gift through a legacy gift through a Will or Living Trust.

Commemoration of Life Events
Celebrate family events or friends with gifts to the Permanent Endowment Fund honoring a: Birth, Death, Graduation, Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, Holiday or Friendship.

Contributions celebrating Life Events can be placed in the Sunday offering plate or mailed directly to the church office. Please include a memo indicating the contribution is for the Permanent Endowment Fund and note explaining the special occasion.

Gifts of the Heart
If your heart has been moved by a church, work, or life event that you wish to commemorate, consider a celebratory gift to the Permanent Endowment Fund.
If you have benefited from a "windfall” of assets or love or support consider sharing your bounty with Permanent Endowment Fund.

Recognition of Gift
Contributions to the Endowment Fund will, with permission, be recognized in a variety of ways so that your generosity is recognized and appreciated.
All gifts will be recognized with a letter of thanks from the Endowment Committee Chair.

For legacy gifts, with the permission of the contributor, you will be recognized with membership in the Nancy and Webster Kitchell Legacy Society.

Permanent Endowment Fund gifts are valued for their intent and not their size.
Together, we are a Community, and we make a difference in the future of the Congregation.

Investment Strategy
The Permanent Endowment Committee is empowered to solicit, invest, and manage the assets of the Permanent Endowment Fund pursuant to adopted Investment and Distribution Policy.

The investment strategy is based on the protection of our fund principal along with careful and ethical growth. The Endowment Committee provides regular oversight of these investments and makes changes as needed acting in a wise and prudent manner.


An important activity of the Permanent Endowment Committee is to administer a program of annual grants to further the mission of the UU Santa Fe. Up to 5% of the PEF’s previous December 31st value may be expended on these grants, and grants must be approved by a 2/3 vote of those present and voting at a congregational meeting. 

Grant applications may be submitted between March and April of the current calendar year. Applications are available in the office or on the web site. Projects must enhance the mission of UU Santa Fe. The Grants Committee, consisting of two members of the Permanent Endowment Committee and two members of the current board, will review applications. The final list of applications will be selected by the Permanent Endowment Committee and voted on by the congregation at the annual meeting.

Recent grants have funded Faith Development, Social Justice projects, new technology equipment, and redecorating the sanctuary.

We appreciate your interest in the Permanent Endowment Fund at UU Santa Fe.
Please contact the office at (505) 982-9674 to reach the Permanent Endowment Committee. All inquiries are held in confidence.


Permanent Endowment Fund Gifts 1991 to 2014

PEC-PEF Handbook 


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