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Across the Digital Spectrum

ArtonBarc 3.17

March 1-April 30, 2017

Meet the Artists Reception—March 23rd, 5-7pm.

Art on Barcelona is delighted to present its first group show featuring art all of which has been created digitally. While the four artists whose work is being shown all express themselves using the tools of this new media, their art encompasses widely divergent approaches and styles! 

Karen Waters creates textures by taking photos of textured objects, such as tree bark, rocks, cracked concrete and the like. She then blends several of those images together, along with other elements, so they are not identifiable. She then layers several of the finished textures over her photos until she feels that an image is complete.

KiP Walker uses a process that layers at least 5-7 pixel layers that contain imagery. There may be any number of additional adjustment layers, influencing the interaction among the pixel layers. The finished work is either an Archival Digital Print or an Archival Hybrid Print. The later combines digital and analog image capture.

Taylor Oliver melds his photography and painting skills to produce abstract, painterly images. By careful framing and/or moving the camera during exposure, he creates an abstract composition from everyday reality which he does not manipulate. He digitally re-colors some, all, or occasionally none of the compositional elements, following the natural tonalities and play of light in the original image.

Virginia Asman describes her art as a fusion of her work as both a fine and graphic artist. She creates montages of her photographs and original drawings by altering and combining elements, applying filters, effects and blending modes and adjusting color and saturation. Each piece is the result of much experimentation and many iterations before she satisfies her goal of achieving a result that is greater than its parts, both conceptually and artistically.

All of the artists live in Santa Fe and exhibit locally. Visit the exhibit to see their work and read more about their processes and artistic backgrounds.

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