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Arts R UUs


Arts R UUs 01


September/October 2018

A festive artist’s reception will take place on Wednesday, September 19 from 5-7 pm. Please come and meet the artists—all members and friends of UU Santa Fe!

Meet the Artists:

Issa Nyaphaga was born in Douala, Cameroon (central Africa) in 1967 and grew up in a small village of the Tikar tribe, called Nditam, in the very heart of Cameroon’s equatorial forest. In 1996 he escaped from his country to seek asylum in France where he began collaborating with other artists. Today Issa divides his time between Cameroon, France, China and the United States where he shares his work with young artists. Issa has been working on the development of a philosophical concept called “Urban Way,” in which he paints his body and stages live performances that include music. nyaphagart@gmail.com Send current inquires to victoriajscott@icloud.com

Linda Whittenberg. In my home I have quilts made by five generations of women in my family, going back to the Civil War; so I came to quilting naturally. It was only after retiring as a Unitarian Universalist minister serving congregations in California and Washington State that I had the time and freedom to indulge. Starting with bed quilts, it wasn’t long before I began designing the decorative pieces, people call art quilts. I love making these small wall quilts and am forever learning new techniques.  lindawhittenberg9@gmail.com

VIRGINIA ASMAN, following a long teaching career in New Jersey, became both a graphic and fine artist. After years of working traditionally, she enjoys the flexibility of the digial media which transforms her drawings and photographs using compositing, blending, filtering and color until the work is totally unique. She arrived in Santa Fe by way of NYC four years ago and has been thoroughly inspired by the beauty of the Southwest! Virginia also enjoys coordinating exhibits here at UUSF’s Art On Barcelona and Gallery35 at Community Church of New York UU.  art@vgasman.com

RUTH WESTON. I am a figurative sculptor who started my career with a Bachelor of Art from the University of California Berkeley and a Masters in Art History from Rosary College Graduate School of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy. My studies in Florence gave me an appreciation for figurative sculpture. I sculpt freestanding figures in both clay and bronze. My glazes and patinas give a unique surface to my sculpture and a sense of abstraction to the figures. A thin layer of glaze can have the appearance of a watercolor wash, where the underlying clay color becomes part of the final surface. My art is a celebration of the feminine, with distinctly female subject matter. r.e.weston@comcast.net

JILL COWLEY. Topophilia (love of place) inspires my work. My abstracted landscapes focus on simple color, letting the flow of the water and paint or ink express my experience of these places. The sumi ink landscapes, gestural images of imaginary places, are completed using one long stroke. Working in watercolor and ink for about ten years, I have given workshops at UUSF and Ghost Ranch and completed a PhD dissertation on Georgia O’Keeffe/Ghost Ranch and an Artist in Residency at Petrified Forest National Park. Primary influences/mentors: Pomona Hallenbeck, Suzanne Otter, Georgia O’Keeffe, Arthur Dove, Yukimi Annand, my father John M. Cowley, himself a landscape painter.desertdance43@gmail.com

Karren Sahler works predominantly in acrylic and pastel. She creates vibrant abstracts and non-objective works as well as more traditional pastel landscapes. All are infused with a sense of texture and vivid color. “I think that art is everywhere and in everything. From my point of view, everything is art, including terrifying or unpalatable images.” To her, all nouns and objects are art and color is the descriptor, the adjective. Not just the “real” color but also the after-image color that you see when you close your eyes, or the color that bees see or the color of our dreams. All of these things influence her use of color and her interpretation of light and shadow.  karren.sahler@gmail.com

SANDRA SCHROEDER. I have been painting watercolors of southwestern landscapes for 30 years—expressionistic, experimental, and sometimes abstract renderings of land and nature forms. I rely on the fluidity and transparency of the watercolor medium to capture the intense high desert light, colored cliffs and immense shifting skies. My inspiration comes from the land itself, which I see as feminine in form and possessing healing powers for many ancient as well as contemporary peoples. I am a signature member of the New Mexico Watercolor Society and have devoted much of the last 20 years to painting and teaching art in New Mexico. sandrasmoky@gmail.com

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