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Bodhisattvas on Barcelona

Vijali Photo


An Exhibition of Spiritual Art by Vijali Hamilton

Public Reception: Friday July 6, 2018 from 5PM to 7PM

Film: World Wheel, One Woman’s Quest for Global Peace shows at 7PM

Art On Barcelona is pleased to present a special exhibition unifying art of the East and the Indigenous with the sensibility of Western aesthetics. The exhibit features the paintings and sculptures of artist and spiritual teacher, Vijali Hamilton.

Bodhisattvas (the Indo-Buddhist term for enlightened beings who embody active compassion toward the welfare of the world) comprise the main subjects of the exhibition. They are portrayed through compelling interplays of color and textures in various media including earth from sacred sites.

While the bodhisattvas can be appreciated through the lens of Western art sensibility, they strongly convey the impression of Tibetan paintings in the Thangka style of hanging scroll art. While modern in their execution, Vijali’s bodhisattvas have also served many students as focal points of meditation.

Vijali Hamilton is a longtime social entrepreneur, having spent 35 years traveling the planet (in 21 countries to date) through her World Wheel Project: Global Peace Through the Arts initiative. It serves to revive and reinforce traditional arts and cultural identity among indigenous, traditional and disenfranchesed urban peoples on five continents (WWW.WORLDWHEEL.ORG  VIJALI@WORLDWHEEL.ORG).

Vijali is presently based in Santa Fe, New Mexico and works out of her yurt-studio on a mesatop south of the city. She continues to paint Bodhisattvas first inspired by a painted carving she created in a cave at Shoto Terdrum, Tibet. This series of paintings is influenced by the Tibetan Thangka style of hanging scroll art, but was created using her own contemporary approach to an age-old way of visualizing the enlightened mind and heart of compassion. She considers these art pieces to be more than art; they are prayers and offerings sent into the world at this time of suffering and forgetting our inner divinity.

*A percentage of sales will be donated to Adelante, a program for Santa Fe children and youth who are homeless. It is provided through the Santa Fe public schools, and is a project of the nonprofit, Partners in Education.

Photo by Karil Daniels

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