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TIMELESS TREASURES: Primitive Art of the Present & Long Ago Past

November/December 2018

Reception and Artist Talk: Sunday, November 18, 12–3 pm

TRIBAL ARTS IN WOOD by Ken Horst is the work of a "Dream State" designer. Ken explains further that during the daylight hours in his conscious thought, he may be working with a basic idea or design. However, this rough concept becomes fleshed out at night in his dreamtime through visual patterns that manifest as complete images.

When working in his studio, Ken describes himself as truly being in a state of flow where he loses all sense of time. He becomes absorbed in the creative energy of taking his dream from the vision state into physical form. It is from this inspired design process that he uniquely creates his "tribal art in wood." Ken returned to his love of woodworking about ten years ago (just prior to moving to Santa Fe). His passion was initially ignited in his grandfather’s shop as a young boy. Ken comes from a background of craftsmen on both sides of his family. Earlier in his life, Ken pursued a successful career in the fields of fitness, holistic health, and hypnotherapy. No matter whether in the area of healing or through artistic expression, Ken’s gifted hands have led the way for his life’s work to manifest.

http://tribalartsinwood.com     gr8life1@gmail.com

ANCIENTWORKS by Virginia Asman is a design collection inspired by the art of ancient and prehistoric peoples throughout the world. Beginning in 1990, Virginia began creating thematic composites of petroglyphs, paintings, pottery and sculpture for silk screened "arT-shirts"—and a related line of jewelry—to market in craft shows. Later, she added backgrounds for several of her designs creating a new gallery series for an exhibition in New York City. For Timeless Treasures in Santa Fe, Virginia chose twelve of her most popular designs to re-render—once again giving new life to those ancient works.

Following a long teaching career in New Jersey, Virginia became both a graphic and fine artist. She enjoys the flexibility of the digital media, transforming her drawings and photographs using compositing, blending, filtering and color until the work is totally unique. Virginia arrived in Santa Fe by way of NYC four years ago and enjoys coordinating exhibits here at UU Santa Fe's Art On Barcelona and at Gallery35 in New York City.

www.ancientworksgallery.com   www.vgasman.com   art@vgasman.com

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