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The Journey Continues

 AoB blocks 11.17

The power of words through art and photography
November 1-December 31

As the Journey continues from last years show, “Journeys,”Cuban artist Lazaro Iglesias will be presenting his new solo show called: The Journey Continues “The power of words through art and photography.”

“I wanted this show to reflect what an impact words can be to our life. I believe that we are living in times of such unfortunate events, that we need these types of quotes, phrases and single powerful words to take us on a feel-good Journey. There is a lot to be said when you incorporate words with Art and Photography. They are two powerful combinations that will awaken the mind and the soul. Visual evokes feelings and those feelings later evoke personal emotional Journeys. I hope that through this body of work, you will take home with you what words can do to each of us in particular. So in the mornings when you wake up. always tell yourself before you go out that door, “ Whose Life will I touch today with my words?”

Words will always tell us,through personal Journeys in understanding, that what we say can impact the whole world”...

Lazaro Iglesias is a self taught artist and photographer born in Havana Cuba. He left Cuba at the age of one and was raised in Caracas Venezuela until the age of 7 and after came to the United States with the family looking for the American dream-

At an early age, Lazaro was always inclined towards the art world and was fascinated by his aunt Olga Atencio that was a very well known Couture seamstress in Venezuela doing hand sewn beading  and cutting patterns by taking measurements. “I truly believe that seeing my aunt do her amazing magic day and night made a huge impact to life. I want to say I fell in love with the Fashion world.”  Working as a visual merchandiser, window dresser and fashion stylist helped him shape his art life.

After 30 years in the retail world, Lazaro Iglesias decided that it was time to step into his new Journey in life, becoming a full time artist. He gave up everything to make this dream come true. “It has been a lot of hard work and a lot of trusting your intuition. For 2 years I did the Artisan Market at the Railyard in Santa Fe, NM. Little did I know it would take me to my second step in life, my own gallery and studio. I have never looked back after I left my retail life nor I have any regrets."

Like a good friend of mine once told me. “Never look back and always choose with no regrets”. My passion brought me to my Dream!...  Always follow your dreams, it can come true.”

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