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Family Ministry Program Information

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" Faith development is all we do.

Unitarian Universalism is all we teach.

The entire congregation is our curriculum."

-- Connie Goodbread, UU Religious Educator

Our Family Ministry Program

For school-age children, gatherings are a combination of active and reflective learning opportunities, which engage in important themes--sacred and secular--that lead to a balanced and wholesome individual. As children progress through our program, we explore these subjects with deepening intellectual sophistication in recognition of their maturing development. We routinely augment our classroom content with worship experiences, community service activities, and UUSantaFe fellowship events and activities. Our many parent resources  enable you to confidently become the spiritual leader of your family. Thus, our family ministry program is really "this community and all that we do here"--and one that serves parents, children, and youth.

Thinking of Visiting UU Santa Fe with Children?

Toddlers. We’re looking forward to your joining us on Sundays! If you have an infant or toddler ages six weeks to three years, please take advantage of our adult-provided nursery care, available free of charge during our 10:30 worship service, located adjacent to Fellowship Hall through the orange door.

School-aged children. We have a rich landscape of programming for families. Friendly greeters at our sanctuary entrance will introduce you and your children to a family ministry staff member or volunteer who will explain the day’s program. Teachers will help guide your children from our sanctuary to the appropriate location when the time comes. You may choose to visit your child’s family ministry class to observe our volunteers and content in action.

Special Needs. It is our goal to have our program available to all young people. If you have children with special needs, we want to know more about them so that we can make what accommodations we can to meet their needs. Parents are the most knowledgeable about their own children; we appreciate your communication with us.

Nursery Care | Available During our 10:30 AM Service

Families with young children can count on the loving care provided to children ages six weeks to three years in our Nursery. You may drop off your children at the nursery beginning at 10:20 AM; please pick them up promptly after concluding your Sunday morning activities. Our nursery is located adjacent to Fellowship Hall (orange door) and adult childcare providers staff the nursery during Sunday mornings. Nursery care is available free of charge during the service.

Our child-friendly nursery space is well stocked with toys, books, and hugs. Very simple activities are introduced for the older two-year-olds. Parents who wish to keep infants with them are welcome to bring babies to the sanctuary.

Families should provide our Nursery staff with a labeled bag containing any items necessary for the care and comfort of their children, including diapers and wipes. Donations of diapers and wipes for emergencies are always welcome.

We request that children who are ill or feeling unwell not be brought to the nursery to avoid the spread of contagious illnesses. As general guidelines, please do not bring children who in the past 24 hours have experienced:

  • A fever
  • A rash
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • A runny nose (unless the mucus has been clear)

Things All UU Santa Fe Parents Need to Know

Registration and Communications

  • After attending two or three times, please register your children online, click here.  You don't have to be a member to register. Registration in our Family Ministry program does not confer congregational membership
  • For the most up-to-date Family Ministry information, refer regularly to the UU Santa Fe Family Ministry website for information, news, schedules, surveys, and more; click here
  • We have a Family Ministry weekly eblast. You can subscribe on the UUSantaFe Family Ministry website; click here

Family Ministry Program Frequently Asked Questions

  • What child safety practices has UU Santa Fe adopted? A: You can see a complete list here.
  • What should children wear? A: We encourage comfortable clothes suitable for outdoor play and/or art activities and outerwear according to the season.
  • Can my baby stay with me during the worship service? A: Yes! However, a staffed nursery is available at the 10:30 service for the care of young ones when parents and children are ready to separate. The nursery provides a quiet place for breastfeeding and diapering and parents may elect to stay in the nursery with their children.
  • How much does registration cost me? A: There is no charge for our Family Ministry program though donations may occasionally be requested for special projects or field trips. Our program depends on the contributions of members and friends for operational funding. We welcome your financial pledge/donations to the extent you are able. Special programs such as Coming of Age and Our Whole Lives Human Sexuality education classes require a special fee.
  • Do I need to volunteer? A: We are a cooperative program and depend on all families to volunteer at some time, in some aspect, whether on Sunday morning or at other times.
  • What's expected of me if I volunteer in the Family Ministry program? A: Parents with enrolled children are particularly encouraged to volunteer to teach or participate in the Family Ministry Program during their sojourn at UU Santa Fe. Sunday morning teachers generally teach in teams of four. We try to make teaching a pleasurable and rewarding experience. Teachers receive orientation, quality curricula, supplies, and continuous support by Lifelong Learning staff and Family Ministry Team members. UU Santa Fe must conduct a child-safety background check on all teachers per our congregational policy.

One condition for religious freedom is exposure to more than one way of thinking and believing. The ability to grant such freedom requires in the educator a respect for children's ability to think and a trust in the power of truth. -- Sophia Lyon Fahs



We welcome all persons, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin; gender or gender identification, affectional preference or sexual orientation; age, physical or mental challenge; or social, economic, or marital status. Come, there is a place for you here.

Come, open to be moved. Come, be held in mutual embrace.

Come, engage the world. Come and be made whole.

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