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Program Offerings 2018-2019

CY Programs 2017 18

All classes and activities for children from nursery through grade six are cooperative ventures. Our volunteer staff teaches with great care and compassion. We have a strong commitment to families and to the health and safety of our children. Our content may include Unitarian Universalist identity, social justice, values, and world religions and wisdom tradition content, delivered in a variety of ways.

Experiential Fun & Learning for Children of All Ages | Soul Matters

Soul Matters is a thematic approach (the same themes we explore in our worship services and Soul Fire Covenant groups), so what adults hear in our sanctuary on a Sunday is what our children explore. Soul Matters family ministry content is curated by Katie Covey, one of our denomination’s most celebrated religious education leaders. Content includes our Judeo-Christian heritage, world religions and wisdom traditions, values, and much more. 

Themes 2018-2019

  • September : Vision    
  • October: Sanctuary
  • November:   Memory
  • December: Mystery 
  • January: Possibility 
  • February: Trust
  • March:  Journey
  • April: Wholeness
  • May: Curiosity 
  • June: Beauty  

Our "One Room Schoolhouse" | Soul Matters

We approach our themes through a variety of learning experiences. You could find us storytelling, listening, and acting, or imagining through theme-based creations, activities or games. We may challenge older children to take the abstract and make it real. Oftentimes, parents are given opportunities to explore these themes with their children. Moreover, each month we provide you with information and links to material to help you complement what your child learns here on Sunday–click here.

Seventh through Twelfth Grades

We are re-imagining our youth program. For now, on Sunday morning, youth are invited into the sanctuary for the duration of our 10:30 worship service. We offer both Coming of Age (grades 8-9) and Our Whole Lives Human Sexuality (grades 7-8) programs when sufficient numbers of youth are registered.


Through July 29, our family ministry programs meets every Sunday at 10:30 AM.

Beginning August 5, we follow the schedule below, alternately meeting on Sunday morning, sometimes Sunday evening.


1st & 3rd Sunday | 10:30 AM Program

  • 10:30 AM Story for All Ages in sanctuary
  • 10:50 AM Soul Matters program

          chalice lighting

          check-in/joys & sorrows

          story & snack


          drama; game; activity; craft


  • 11:45 AM Dismissal

Parents of third grade and younger, please pick up your children at 11:45 AM.

Refresh! Fellowship Nights

2nd & 4th Sunday 4:45 PM Program

  • 4:45 PM Family Worship; Fogelson Hall
  • 5:00 PM Potluck supper; Fogelson Hall or portal--weather permitting
  • 6:00 PM Programming:
  •    1 Children & parents; Fogelson Hall, Foyer

      or Portal--weather permitting

   2 Adult; Beacon Press Group; Library

   3 Music; Fogelson Hall (4th Sun only)

  •  7:00 PM Everyone goes home
  •  RSVP so we know how many to prepare for; click here

5th Sundays | Special Celebrations

  • 5th Sundays—multigen service--no Family Ministry programming
  • Multigen service Sundays--no Family Ministry programming--consult our calendar, click here
  • Nursery care available every Sunday, 10:30 AM service
  • On Sunday mornings when there is no family ministry gathering, children are welcome to stay in the "Tree House" at the back of the sanctuary for duration of the service

Faith Development Contacts
Our Minister, religious educator, and the C&Y Family Ministry Team are here to listen and help. Please feel free to contact any of them.


Steven Mead

505-982-9674 ext. 4 (church)

(314) 239-5694 (mobile - urgent calls)



Rev. Gail Marriner

505-982-9674 ext. 2 (church)


We welcome all persons, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin; gender or gender identification, affectional preference or sexual orientation; age, physical or mental challenge; or social, economic, or marital status. Come, there is a place for you here.

Come, open to be moved. Come, be held in mutual embrace.

Come, engage the world. Come and be made whole.

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