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Emily's Musings

Emily 12.16

Dear UU Congregation of Santa Fe,

I remember taking an intensive Latin summer course in college. For six weeks, I brewed a midnight pot of coffee and closely monitored my shower time because I was studying so much! Things suddenly got real, and I felt like a student for the first time. Similarly, in this political climate, painful realities have become all too real. I am an activist in a new way, and hope this change will last for the rest of my life! When there is so much fear, may the rooms of our congregation, the conversations we have, and the values we uphold help sustain your activism, love, and hope. For instance, singing “We are a Gentle, Angry People” with you a couple Sundays ago felt all the more poignant now that those with the levers of power now do not agree that we are a land of many colors, gay and straight together, etc.! Our spiritual conviction that there is an inner light in every being, that we are equal before spirit, and therefore should be treated equally before the law has me up in arms.  

One thing I have learned recently is that having good will for all is not enough. It doesn’t matter how much respect I have for the inherent worth and dignity of every person in my heart if I don’t stand up and speak up for those who are being oppressed. Social justice isn’t just for the social justice team anymore. We all need to get informed, speak up, create justice, attend town halls, run for office, and/or make those phone calls, etc.! Please visit findingsteadyground.com for the best advice I’ve seen on how to stay active and nourished on this path. Please also join the new Inner Light activist support group on Wednesdays from 3-6pm in the Fellowship Hall to sustain your activism with inspiring speakers, share resources, and hear about what others are doing to stay in motion. 

Win-win-win situations happen when we are mutual blessings to each other. We are so blessed to host the young adults from Youth Works’ emergency shelter program again March 27th- April 3rd. Our building seems to love being warm and useful all night, it makes a tremendous difference in these young adults’ lives to have somewhere warm and safe to sleep, and we all get a chance to be the change we wish to see in the world. From making dinner, asking a local restaurant for donations, bringing bacon, juice, or milk for breakfast, baking a King’s cake to help us celebrate Mardi Gras, giving joke books or other trick activity kits for April Fool’s, or filling Easter eggs with candy, there are so many ways to get involved! Please talk to Kris Yankowski amazonbrat@yahoo.com if you want to help!

Thank you for showing up on Sundays and throughout the week to be in beloved community, nurture hearts and minds, and work for justice. These things take on a whole new meaning now, in our ever spiritually thirsty world. It is good and powerful to be in a place that is working for justice, and may we keep love and compassion in our hearts as we take a stand! 

With all my love,

Emily Carroll

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