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Emily's Musings

Emily 12.16

Dear UU Congregation of Santa Fe,

In the words of Marianne Williamson, “Each of us needs to ask ourselves, ‘What can I do? What is my internal guidance, that I might be part of the Great Resistance in 2017?’” This week from February 2-4 I’m going to D.C. for a conference called Sister Giant on spirituality and politics! Bernie Sanders and Rev. William Barber are among the speakers. It is so good to be in community with you and work together.

With your generous donations of toiletries and other goods, about 40 members of the children, youth, and family program assembled 30 care packages last Sunday for homeless people in Santa Fe. Some congregants took some to keep in their cars when they encounter someone in need. We also gave 9 to the young adults in the Youth Works emergency shelter who are staying at UU Santa Fe this week. We will donate the rest to a local homeless shelter. Thank you so much for your helping hands and contributions! 

We have many ways to respond to the happenings of this world, and I believe in letting my heart be broken open. When my heart is broken open and love flows through me, I can't ignore the suffering in the world. I am inspired to do something. A few months ago I saw this quote on Facebook: “If you have more than you need, build a bigger table – not a higher fence.”  This struck me and millions of others deeply. It was written by Sasha Martin, and she continues, “What if we took a leap from our lonely perch and once again invited everyone into our hearts?” May we join hearts and hands to work for peace and justice in the world. 

In Faith, Service, & Gratitude,

Emily Carroll


Consulting Director of Lifespan Faith Development

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