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Environmental Action

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The study and appreciation of our earth is deeply grounded in our Unitarian Universalist faith. Our seventh principle reminds us that everything on this earth is connected and dependent on one another. This is a very important tenet of our faith, especially as it relates to our beliefs and actions on climate change. How we approach our work with our environment and dealing with global climate change will differ with each person, but as Unitarian Universalist we are committed to action.

UU Santa Fe Environmental Task Force 

The UU Santa Fe Environmental Task Force is a subcommittee affiliated with the UU Social Justice Team. ETF’s mission is to create an active response to global warming/climate change, by increasing environmental awareness. This is to be accomplished by actively involving and educating the UU Santa Fe congregation and interested members of the wider Santa Fe community. ETF will function as an information and outreach resource to the congregation and the community. Activities on the planning board include: educational programs, recruitment of speakers, and discussions groups on environmental topics. 

From Rev Peter Morales, UUA and Bill Schulz UUSC ~ Commit2Respond

In the face of this historic threat to our existence on the planet, the UUA and UUSC are joining with the Unitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth, the Unitarian Universalist College of Social Justice, and the Unitarian Universalist Ministers Association in Commit2Respond, a religious response to the crisis of climate change. Commit2Respond is an initiative for climate justice awareness and action. We invite UUs and all people of faith and conscience to commit to respond in these three action areas:

•Grow the climate justice movement

•Advance the human rights of marginalized communities

•Shift to clean and renewable energy

Some Resources for you to explore:

Unitarian Universalist Sources:

UU-UNO Climate Change Task Force

For Spiritual Exploration:

The Work of Joanna Macy and Work That Reconnects

Scientific Resources:

Union of Concerned Scientist – Global Warming

National Climate Assessment 2014 

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