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UU Santa Fe Justice Action News

UU Santa Fe Justice Action News

"More is asked of us that we could have imagined. The beauty of life is such that it will not let us go until we have offered the blessing we have to give. So let the beauty we have seen become the good that we do, and let us not wrest ourselves free from the claim that life places upon us until we, in faith with all those who have gone before us, place ourselves among those who bless the world." ~ Rev. Rebecca Parker

Work for Justice At-A-Glance | For detailed information, see content below

  • Jan 21 Santa Fe Women's March 2018. Participate!
  • February 18-24 Pete’s Place UUSF Shelter Week—many hands needed; see signup sheets when they become available! Engage!

Subscribe to our weekly congregational eblast for the most up-to-date information regarding UU Santa Fe Social Justice activities! Also check out the Social Justice Table in the foyer each Sunday for other news and opportunities for action.

SJA action 12.17Inspired Faith Effective Action | Participate

When: January 13, 2018 - Report Soon
Where: Fellowship Hall

Led by Social Justice Steering Committee

On the January 13th for Inspired Faith, Effective Action, a workshop for social justice, the Social Justice Steering Committee and our facilitation team led the existing teams and potential teams through a series of steps designed to ground our social justice efforts in our theology, and make them more focused and effective. If you are interested in being part of the following teams meeting information will follow soon: Hunger & Poverty, Immigration Justice, Racial Justice, Environmental Justice, and Voting Rights. If you are interested in forming another team, please notify Munro Sickafoose m.sickafoose@gmail.com


womensmarch 2018Sunday, January 21, Noon | Santa Fe Women’s March: Power to the Polls | Participate

The march will begin at the Roundhouse at noon and march down Old Santa Fe Trail. We should reach the Plaza around 1:00 pm. For those who can’t march, please meet us at the Plaza. The theme for this year is using the vote to advance women’s rights and women’s issues. A speakers’ list has not been announced, but as it becomes available, we will report.

For more information:
March on New Mexico
Santa Fe Women's March New Mexico

Anyone at UU Santa Fe who is interested should plan on meeting in the courtyard and leaving immediately after the Sunday service. We will carpool (or walk).

Wear your yellow t-shirts if you have them! Dig out your pink hats!

Hunger & Poverty Team | Shelter NOW News | Engage!

UU Santa Fe will host Shelter NOW young adults in our sanctuary four weeks this year. The clients in this program are 18 to 24-year-olds that are vetted by Youthworks. Our dates:

Jan 21-27, 2018
Feb 25-Mar 3, 2018
Mar 25-Apr 1, 2018

We will need volunteers to bring dinners for 15 each night. Also, we will need supplies for breakfast every morning – donations of fruit, milk, juice, bacon, eggs, sausage biscuit, and bread. We also send them with a bagged lunch for which we need peanut butter, bread, fruit, protein bars, hard boiled eggs and bottled water. If you are interested in this program please get in touch with Kristin Yankowski.


Hunger & Poverty Team | Interfaith Shelter Service News | Engage!

Our next week for volunteering at Pete's Place starts Sunday, February 18 and continues through Saturday, February 24. Let’s get ready for another great weekof service! Look for signup sheets in the foyer when they appear.


General Directions for All Volunteers

Directions for Evening Coordinators

Directions for Food Providers and Food Servers

Directions for Intake Volunteers


"There is no path to God that bypasses your neighbor." — Rev. Jesse Cavilee


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