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UU Santa Fe Justice Action News

UU Santa Fe Justice Action News

"More is asked of us that we could have imagined. The beauty of life is such that it will not let us go until we have offered the blessing we have to give. So let the beauty we have seen become the good that we do, and let us not wrest ourselves free from the claim that life places upon us until we, in faith with all those who have gone before us, place ourselves among those who bless the world." ~ Rev. Rebecca Parker

Sanctuary 05.18Learning and Discernment about Sanctuary ~ Upcoming Opportunities

At our recent congregational meeting, you voted to go into discernment about sanctuary. Your Immigration Justice Team and adult education team have met and planned six congregational conversations the fourth Sunday of each month beginning July 22. We might move the ones in November and December because of the holidays. Please watch for these and plan to attend them!

We also have a book reading series planned for August and September. Again, please watch for more information. We will plan at least two more Town Hall meetings. If you have a request for subjects for any of these, please contact Mary Ellen Gonzales.


Hunger & Poverty Team | Interfaith Shelter Service News | Engage! 

General Directions for All Volunteers

Directions for Evening Coordinators

Directions for Food Providers and Food Servers

Directions for Intake Volunteers


"There is no path to God that bypasses your neighbor." — Rev. Jesse Cavilee


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