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The Marriner’s Compass

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I am itching to get out in the garden to do my annual spring cleaning. The old dead growth needs to be pruned back to make room for new green. Things that were unhappy last year need to be shifted to alternative locations – a little brighter or shadier, a little richer or leaner. I need to decide what plants need to be added and if there are any that need to be banished “outside the wall.” Spring is the time I rebalance the garden.

Of course, spring is also a great time to deep clean the house, edit the closets and decide exactly how much stuff we really need and where we  might keep it. With tax time upon us there’s a certain amount of financial housekeeping to do as well. And what about the calendar? No matter how many times I resolve to keep mine relativelyopen, it fills up with necessary and important “things-to-do.”

Welcome to the world. If I am honest, I know that I will never get the garden reorganized completely to my liking – even if I had the time and will power it has a mind of its own and plants spring up where I least expect. No matter how often I reorganize the closets and my calendar they remain full to overflowing – as my clean laundry and appointments try to cover every available space and moment. But somehow the taxes get paid, everyone gets to the dentist on time and my sermons get written before Sunday morning.   

I have to remind myself that living itself (with all of its activities and relationships and obligations) is messy business that will never fit into a neat pattern however hard I try. And truthfully, we flourish poised in that life affirming space somewhere between too much order and not enough.     

So staying in balance, maintaining just enough of the various kinds of order we need for health and wellbeing, and allowing for just enough flexibility to accommodate  entropy is effortful – it requires spring cleaning, and reconfiguring the calendar on a regular basis. Of course, the energy and skill it takes to keep it all in balance is also what makes life rich and meaningful.

Three guest speakers, two movement partitioners, and members of the NM PeaceChoir will join me in the chancel this month as we explore balance, harmony, and centeredness from a host of different perspectives! I hope you can clear the space in your schedule and join us!


Rev. Gail

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