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The Marriner’s Compass

marrinerscompass 01.17 

Together It Will Be Enough

The chaos of the world is overwhelming right now. There are days that I feel pulled in seven directions and I grieve every night for all the things I would do that are still left undone: legislative hearings I could not attend, pastoral calls I did not make, books chosen for sermons still unread, columns still unwritten.  

I read recently that one of the oldest derivations of the word evil means unripe – as in unripe fruit that makes you ill, or an unripe action that causes harm. In the chaos of this past month I worry about unripe actions causing harm even when they are meant to help. And so I try to give my actions time to ripen. I did not don a hijab on world hijab day this past week. There was no chance to query any of the Muslim women in our community about how they might receive this action. But since this is a time when prompt action is necessary I worry about those things I have left undone.   

Because there are so many tasks to do and so many worthy people to tend and so many important issues to consider, often I simply do the task that is immediately in front of me –write the column, go to the meeting, set the chairs, return the call, say yes to the request to speak a hearing, or to house young people. When I am wise and centered I ask myself if this task or request is something someone else might do, and if the answer is yes I try to let someone else do it. But more often – I simply do what I can and trust that others will do what they can and together it will be enough. 

That may be the kernel here – together it will be enough. Together the energy we have and the love we can give to one another and the world will make a difference. Together we can feed and house a group of homeless young adults for a week and help them feel loved. Together we can write enough letters to bolster our lawmakers’ confidence so they can pass the legislation that needs to be passed, together we can embody the better world we dream of a little bit of the time. That is why we are here. That is why we are a community. When we act together with love – we become an island of hope in the midst of the storm. 

May it be so.




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