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The Marriner’s Compass

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Postcard from my sabbatical – June...

In a lovely little book called Contemplating Now, Monica Furlong writes: 

“An interesting question is what form…  sabbatical… should take. When we are in an exhausted state we find it impossible to imagine ‘letting go’ completely and out of our tiredness we make elaborate plans for a different sort of work, of books to read, tasks to get done, long cherished hobbies to take up. Ideally, I believe, we should only use these to help ourselves into a ‘running down’ process in which we try to do less and less until the moment when we can do nothing at all and fact the fact with equanimity. It may take weeks to get to this point …” (110) 

I recognize myself in that paragraph. It took almost six weeks of a different sort of work, stacks of books and several-many housekeeping projects for me to slow down enough that the well of my spirit is beginning to refill…  

My playful sabbatical game of hide and seek with the holy continues to delight me. I hope the photos and readings fill your spirits as much as the seeking and finding are filling mine.  

Thank you for the gift of this time.



Holy Sit Still copy 

To Sit Still

  • I want to sit still 
  • this morning
  • and savor the breeze that 
  • accompanies the slanting 
  • morning light. 

  • I want to listen to the tea kettle ticking and hissing on the stove
  • and the thrasher caroling in the aspen tree
  • and notice the shadows of the honey locust leaves flickering 
  • on the garden wall.

  • I want to sit so still 
  • That I dissolve into the morning
  • And into my life.  

Rev. Gail ~ May 29  

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