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The Marriner’s Compass

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By their nature, transitions are a challenge. They are also a fact of life and we have another transition ahead of us. Although we have had a wonderful year together Emily Carroll has decided to move on at the end of her one year consulting contract with us. Emily will be here until mid-July when she anticipates moving back to California and closer to family. Emily’s enthusiasm, energy and fresh perspective have been deeply appreciated and we will miss her. We will have several opportunities to celebrate with Emily and wish her well before she leaves us. Emily’s 30th birthday coincides with flower communion on May 21, and there will be some birthday / thank you festivities then. Our Faith Development Celebration Sunday will be June 4 and we will have a chance to celebrate her contributions to our Faith Development Program at that time.  

Back in January the Board President appointed a task force to look at our Faith Development Program assess its successes and challenges and listen for things that members and volunteers were excited or concerned about. You will remember that investing in a full time director for lifespan faith development was something of an experiment – and the task force pronounced it an unqualified success. The personnel committee took this information into account as they began looking for another full time Consulting Director for our Lifespan Faith Development Program. The committee and I feel fortunate in finding Steven Mead, an experienced UU faith development director with broad experience with kids, youth, adults and volunteers, to fill that role. We will be posting a link to Steven’s website so you can begin getting to know him.  

Emily, the Adult Explorations Team, and the Children, Youth and Family Ministry leadership are already in conversation with Steven beginning to get to know him and to plan for fall. Emily’s last Sunday at UU Santa Fe will be July 9, I return from Sabbatical on Sunday, July 16 and Steven’s first Sunday will be August 2. I anticipate a smooth hand off and look forward to the next chapter in our adventure. 



Dear UU Santa Fe Community,

As the apricot tree begins to grow lush leaves, we come full circle to a year ago when I started. The challenges of the last year have been providing a place that families choose to return to on Sunday mornings and establishing my role in adult faith development. My accomplishments have been doubling the number of adult faith development course offerings and Peace Camp. I’ve enjoyed working with Rev. Gail and the faith development team very much, along with the Board of Trustees, and the congregation as a whole. I hope the next person will continue the mission and ideas of this program to offer love to everyone who enters our doors. I’m grateful for the time I’ve spent at UU Santa Fe, and I’m excited to move closer to home! My transition is in mid-July.

With love and gratitude,

Emily Carroll

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