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Worship Services

WorshipwithUs 04.18 

Sunday Services are 8:30 am in the library and 10:30 am in the sanctuary unless otherwise noted. Nursery care is available during the 10:30 service. Children and youth: 1st-3rd Sundays children start in the 10:30 am service and then go to class; 2nd-4th-5th Sunday, children stay in the sanctuary for the duration of the service. For more information, you may contact the church office at 505-982-9674. UU Santa Fe is a Welcoming Congregation and we hope you will join us on a Sunday to learn more.

Full Sunday Morning Schedule   

8:30 to 9:30 ~ Early Bird Worship in the Library 

10:15 to 10:30 ~ Musical prelude to the service. Please refrain from talking during the prelude so listeners may enjoy the music.   

10:30 to 11:30 ~ Worship  

10:30 to 11:45 ~ Faith Development Classes for children and youth 

Worship Services for November

Sunday, November 4 ~ Mother Stories, Myths, and Freudian Slips ~ Rev. Leona Stucky-Abbott

Step on a crack and you'll break your mother's back, or perhaps you'll engage in wish fulfillment. How do stories create feelings, expressions, cultures, and human gullibility? Yuval Harrari's book, Sapiens, offers a backdrop for the human story we address.

A psychotherapist for more than thirty years, UU community minister, post-graduate teacher, clinical supervisor and AAPC Diplomate, Rev. Dr. Leona Stucky-Abbott recently became an author by turning the mirror inward to reveal her own personal story in a gripping and morally unflinching memoir, which has received acclaim from MS Magazine. In her professional life as well as her memoir, The Fog of Faith: Surviving My Impotent God, Rev. Dr. Stucky-Abbott plumbed the depths of faith and identity questions she could not answer, speaking what we seldom say out loud. In her life and writing she provokes new discussions with heart-wrenching, vital stories.

Sunday, November 11 ~ How Shall We Pray? ~ Rev. Linda Whittenberg

Beyond the few short prayers we know by rote and might repeat on occasion, we will explore the wide range of things that might be called prayer. And, even if you don't use the word "prayer" or particularly warm up to it, we might hit on something that resonates even with you.

November 18 ~ Bread Service ~ Led by the UU Santa Fe Worship Team

This special service of blessing and communion is a beloved worship service tradition at UU Santa Fe. Join one another for this moving, multi-generational celebration of the very ordinary yet sacred act of feeding one another.

Each family is invited to bake (have your children help with this!) and bring to the service bread that is significant for, or unique to you and your family. The breads—and the stories of their origins—will be blessed and shared during the service. This is a service of joy and thanksgiving, of remembrance and sharing. Come all, for this is the stuff of life.

Sunday, November 25 ~ Jews are no Strangers to the Strangers in our Midst: A Jewish Perspective on Immigration ~ Rabbi Jack Shlachter

The core texts of Jewish tradition, particularly the Torah or Five Books of Moses, all speak extensively about the importance of treating strangers well, often connecting this with the fact that Jews were once strangers in Egypt.  Yet that's not the whole story, and we know that Jewish texts speak of the importance of protecting ourselves against those who would harm us physically, financially, or otherwise.  We'll examine several Jewish texts in an effort to inform our approach to the topic of immigration in the United States.

Rabbi Jack Shlachter is currently the rabbi at HaMakom, The Place for  Passionate and Progressive Judaism in Santa Fe, and is Rabbi Emeritus of the Los Alamos Jewish Center. He is also a physicist who has been working at Los Alamos National Laboratory for over three decades; he proudly serves today as the Division Leader of Theoretical Division in this, the 75th anniversary of both the Lab and the Division.  Rabbi Jack has provided itinerant rabbinic support to far-flung communities including Vienna, Austria, and he'll be returning this fall to conduct High Holiday services for the fifth year in a row to an expat congregation in Beijing, China. Details about his exploits can be found at www.physicsrabbi.com.  Rabbi Jack resides in Los Alamos, New Mexico, with his wife, Beverly Post, and has two children, Dov and Orli.

Worship Leaders for December

  • December 2 – Rev. Christine Robinson, Albuquerque 1st Unitarian, Retired
  • December 9 – Rev. Gail Marriner returns

hearingloopUU Santa Fe has a magnetic hearing loop, which transmits sound magnetically to hearing loops and cochlear implants with T-coils (telecoils). This system transmits sound to T-coil-equipped hearing aids through a wire that surrounds the sanctuary. The telecoil is activated by a t-switch on many hearing aids or cochlear implants. Older models may not have this technology.

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